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Log Line: Mutant coyotes attack Burning Man.

"Mutant Coyotes"

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    Page Screenwriting Competition



    Final Draft - Big Break Screenwriting Competition




    “An exciting, well-written, fast moving, bloody creature-feature horror, featuring smart college kids and an intelligent female lead that will play for horror fans. A toxic-hulk-coyote mash up that really livens up the genre and hasn't been done in a Burning Man/desert location. The action plays fast, but is easy to follow. The body count is apt and the deaths are brutal and frightening.  The creatures are scary in size and speed and relentless power.  You care for the characters' fate. I loved that the script doesn't talk down to the audience. These are living breathing characters who fear the end that's bearing down on them. I particularly liked that the characters didn't die out of stupidity, but rather as a result of continually raising stakes. The dialogue is ideal at getting to the meat of the situation with humor and without excessive chit chat. Perfect for a new crowd of moviegoers, primed on The Walking Dead who want a bloody, thrill ride.  Mutant Coyotes moves smoothly, hits all the entertaining beats and the story keeps building to a dramatic third act, where all hell breaks loose. Smarts are what win the day, not muscle or a spray of bullets. The dialogue is fitting and works for each character. The style and tone is consistent throughout the script.  Its real charm is in the smart characters. It's an exciting romp of blood and guts and frantic survival, a meaningful story inside a horror show. I would go see this movie."

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