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Developed for television by Chris Livingston, Cliff Hanger is an animated half hour comedy adventure series featuring a delightfully, dimwitted do-gooder named Cliff Hanger, whose coconut sized cerebral capacity probably makes him the only person on Earth who isn’t in on the joke that the title of his show, is in fact his very name.


Part Indiana Jones, part Inspector Clouseau, Cliff Hanger is a bumbling, pea brained beefcake, whose charmed existence and penchant for perennial luck, seems to defy his inexorable ability to screw up even the simplest of plans (not to mention a chance to save the world).  With a colorful cast of characters, including the brainy bibliophile, Mega Hertz, who pines for Cliff in spite of her intellect, and Tulouse the Moose (Canadian funding made us do it), Cliff and his talented team of globe trotting travelers do their best to thwart an ample array of evil villains and their increasingly preposterous plans to take over the planet.  Cliff’s biggest weakness, is his vanity . At the worst possible moment, you may find Cliff looking in the mirror while a damsel in distress dangles dangerously over an abyss of agitated alligators.  But don’t count Cliff out! Like the lyric of his theme song says, “without a hair out of place, he’ll save the human race …Cliff Hanger’s gonna save the day!!!”


Theme Song by: 

Chris Livingston and Frank Piazza


Musical Score by:

Frank Piazza and Chris Livingston

Select Scenes

Cliff Hanger ScoreFrank Piazza and Chris Livingston
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