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Log Line: A 15 year old boy and girl who live next door to each other compete for a journalism award in school, but wind up working together when they uncover a story that could effect not just their own rivaling families, but an entire community.


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     In the vein of SPY KIDS, and layered with hot button topics of environmentalism, this is a soft teen action-adventure that delivers plenty of A + moral themes and carries an enjoyable and light-hearted Romeo and Juliet relationship at its core. Its well-crafted clue-by-clue action driven by the relationship of rivaling high school journalists KYLE and JESSIE accomplishes what it sets out to do, yet may be better suited as a series on Nickelodeon or Noggin with the weekly adventures of competing high school journalists tackling neighborhood problems.


    The light-hearted fun starts on page one of this script. KYLE - a 15 year old, skinny teenager who has the potential to be Superman if he can only shed his Clark Kent inadequacy complex - types away on his computer prepping his high school newspaper column. JESSIE – Kyle’s next door neighbor and the brainy first place winner to Kyle’s second place on all things cerebral – is just next door and also typing away on her article as they both compete for the school’s Ernest Hemingway award and scholarship. Both researching endangered species, and trying to keep their feuding dogs from digging tunnels beneath the large fence separating their yards, the Romeo and Juliet dynamic is promisingly set up from the get go. He suffers the pangs of trying to compete with the girl who always comes out on top, while she suffers from the turmoil of falling for the son of her father’s long time rival. A fun-filled teenage rivalry based on scholastic competition is a refreshing change from today’s over-sexualized teen environment. As Kyle gains confidence by revealing his fact- finding genius, and Jessie masterminds the plan that two heads are better than one, their competitive nature melts into a dual protagonist’s arc that leads them down a fun-filled journey and eventual match made in heaven for themselves and their feuding families. STEPHEN STEELE, the story’s villain, is the shopping mall developer with a heart of coal. The man is not interested in what is best for the neighborhood, but only what is best for his wallet – and Jessie’s father DENNIS CAINE has been taped his VP. Caine is drunk on Steele’s poisonous promise of fortune all at the expense of MARK MULRONEY, Kyle’s father, who is set up to lose his Burrito stand with the development of Steele and Caine’s new mall and food court. Steele hires the lonesome and odd scientist EDWIN MOSS to do his dirty work and keep quiet the removal and extinction of the neighborhood’s native and rare El Segundo Blue Butterfly on the land where the mall is to be built. Reminiscent of the problem solving educational fun that the cartoon characters in INSPECTOR GADGET provided episode by episode, the characters of Kyle and Jessie lend themselves to be gems for future Nickelodeon stars, backed up by riotously fun villains and supporting characters that add color and twists to their plight."

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