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Log Line: When the bond of four life long friends is severely tested, they must each dig deep and learn the meaning in their own lives in order to restore their friendship.

"Steak Night"

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    "Steak Night has an interesting premise at its core.  The camaraderie that exists among the four central characters is engaging and the dialogue exchanged between each other provides the script with some great humor.  Between all of the characters, I find Chaz’s story the most entertaining.  Sonny’s unwillingness to loan his “friend” the money he needs kind of forces Chaz to find it elsewhere, forcing him to take a rather risky option later on.  Steak Night also has some really entertaining and unique comedic beats.  Chaz dressing like a clown and infiltrating a birthday party to serve papers, Sonny’s commercial, and the coach’s death in the strip club -- these are all highlights of the script."

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