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Log Line: A 15 year old boy finds a magic arrowhead while away at summer camp and with the help of the girl he loves, inspires a group of social outcasts to stand up to a cabin full of bullies.  Along the way, they all learn the truth about who they are … or WERE.

"The Kikipoos Save The World"

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    The Kikipoos is an uplifting story that teaches us that everyone is valuable, and everyone has the power within them to be great. It shows kids the value of teamwork and respect for everyone's unique talents, while taking them on a fun ride reminiscent of "The Goonies" and "The Bad News Bears".


    Jordan is our protagonist, and we are rooting for him from the beginning. He is desperate to reconnect with Sklyer, and everything he does is directed at making this happen. This is HIS story, and the role presents a good opportunity for a young actor transitioning from child to teenage love interest. Jordan's friends are all lovable rejects. Whether it is Eddie, Mitchell, or any of his housemates, all represent fun and lovable stereotypes. Casey is the middle-aged hippie, Dell is the cocky jock, and Skyler the beautiful blonde. The characters are mostly one note, but it works in this case.


    The story is entertaining and well-paced. We particularly enjoy the moments off the campground with the medicine woman. The Kikipoo backstory is well thought out and the love story feels authentic, something that can be difficult to achieve with younger characters. If properly cast, this movie could be a sweet coming of age story.

    This movie would do well as long form children's TV programming, and is well suited for one of the kids/family networks. CAA should consider at this time."

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