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Log Line: A brash cop from Philadephia and his severely autistic, nine-year-old son are the United States’ best hope to prevent the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11.

"The Shadow Element"

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    Page Screenwriting Competition




    An excellent script.  The handling of the subject matter is fresh, clever, and totally engagingA page turner.  The structure is perfect. The action sequences are perfectly balanced with tension and the personal stories are interwoven very well within the plot, constantly moving the story forward.  There is a perfect set-up for a nail-biting climax and the resolution is exactly what the reader/viewer would want to happen.  Extremely well drawn, interesting characters and character development throughout. Great and snappy dialogue that constantly moves the story forward and gives great clues to solving the mystery, all the while fitting each character to a “t.” Not a false moment in the style, lingo and heart of each character."

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